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Mon – Fri  10am to 12pm Sherry Farmer
Mon – Fri  12pm to 5pm Steve Brewer
Mon – Fri   5pm to 9pm John Glenn
Mon – Fri   9pm to 3am Phil O’Reilly
Mon – Fri   3am to 6am Mitch Ryder

Rollin & The Morning Show – The morning team includes Rollin Trehearne, JB Mathers and Nashville Kat.

Sherry Farmer 

Sherry Farmer grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. She graduated from University of Missouri-Columbia with a Bachelors degree in Psychology as well as a Mousetorate from the Walt Disney World College Program and most recently a Masters in Communications. She loves making people smile and playing their favorite music while keeping them informed about the artists they love and their local community. Keep up with Sherry on social media.

Steve Brewer’s listeners find his warm, friendly style perfect for wrapping up the workday, the rush hour drive and for continued listening at home. Steve’s knowledge of show business and his personal experiences help him relate to a wide audience. An avid sports fan, Steve can typically be found watching the big game and yelling at the TV. He also collects hockey pucks and vinyl records, and wants a pet minipig.

Steve Brewer

John Glenn

John Glenn country radio enthusiast. One of my earliest memories is listening to Don Williams on the radio with my Grandfather, while waiting in line at a grain elevator. I remember the heat of the day, the smell of the grain dust, the hole in the truck’s floorboard. I go back to that moment every time I hear a Don Williams song, maybe that’s why The Gentle Giant is one of my all-time favorites. That “Eureka” moment is why I love Country radio. Outside of the studio I have a beautiful wife and 2 wonderful kids. I tell them to experience it all, be fully immersed in what you are doing so you can squeeze the most out of these moments. Cheers!

Phil O’Reilly’s 30-year on-air success includes stints in many of the Big 10 states such as, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin and Indiana, although he’s an avid Minnesota sports fan. Outside of the studio, Phil enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

Phil O’Reilly

Mitch Ryder

Mitch Ryder – Once a bartender, a customer told me that I should be on the radio, because he thought I could talk to a barrel of pickles. He owned a radio-station and gave my first job… and here I am 30 years later and still having fun. I am married and have two wonderful daughters. We love to travel and if we’re not doing that, we enjoy golfing, gardening, hiking, camping and really anything outdoors. Thanks so much for letting me be part of your mornings!