Derek is a Girl Scout leader here in McKinleyville, he inspires the girls to be what they want to be, involving lots of activities, from Math and Science, to other areas of interest as to where the girls have interest, as well as trying other areas that they may not have thought of. Derek also trains other adults to be awesome girl scout leaders in out area. Derek also saw a missing link with the north coast, and the rest of the state. There was no girl scout camps anywhere close to our area, and for the last 5 years has put together and ran a girl scout camp at Wolf Creek. Derek also sits on the board for Northern California. Also helped and organized the northern Ca, 100 th anniversary in Ca. Which was last year, held in Pleasanton, Ca. which also arranged for buses to get girls there from Cresent City to Eureka. For the last 3 years, Derek has dedicated his time to help 10 of the girls in troop # 70536, to raise money to go to England, (his home country) the girls had decided they all wanted to go, so Derek, helped and arranged many many many fund raising idea for the girls to raise what they all needed to get to England. Derek kept track of all 10 girls funds so they all knew just where they where in their accounts. They Made it to England this past summer. Derek also volunteers for the McKinlyville Grange, setting up tables for events, cleaning, and anything else they may need. Derek is also helping girls get their bronze, silver, and Gold awards with girl scouts, by helping these girls in community projects, they are renovating the back kitchen area. There is so many things to list and not enough space to list everything that Derek does for the community. The Girls all think is an AWESOME leader. And my daughter, would not be still in girl scout if she hadn't found this troop, she is now a senior McKinleyville High. Please consider Derek Kingham. Thank you for your time. Toni


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