We're looking for singers!

Soloists, Duos, Groups or Bands!

If you are 15 years of age or older, sign-up today for this year's showdown.


CLICK HERE for an entry form.

ALL entries must include a CD, or MP3 recording of the entry. 

Local winners get to compete in the Oregon state competition in September!


Must be 15 or older

*$20 Entry Fee for those who make the SEMI FINALS  (determined after  May 24th)

*Must keep the dates open for SEMI FINAL June 8th and FINAL competition July 19th

Competition will be held at Lucky 7 Casino in Smith River, California

Show directed by Bicoastal Media Radio Group


*All information should be directed to

Texaco Country Showdown

C/O   Bicoastal Media Radio

1345 Northcrest Drive,

Crescent City CA  95531

(707) 464-1000



1. Entry Procedure:
You must complete a CONTEST ENTRY FORM and return it to the sponsoring radio station with your registration fee before their deadline date.
2. Registration Fee:
A onetime registration fee of $20.00 per act is required - U.S. currency only. The fee is to be collected only once per station, regardless of the number of performances during the course of competition. A contestant must pay the registration fee and complete and entry form for each different radio station.

3. Disputes:
The sponsoring radio station is authorized to resolve all disputes at the local Showdown. SPI is the sole authority in resolving all disputes at the state, regional and national level competitions and to disqualify any contestant at any level of the contest for failure to comply with the rules and regulations, including errors and omissions. SPI's decisions are final.

4. Performance: The following applies to any Showdown contest:
  • Each act entered in the Showdown must perform only with the personnel listed on Section 1 and 2 of the Entry Form. No personnel changes or substitutions will be permitted once competition has begun. Once an individual withdraws from an act at any level of the Showdown, he/she cannot perform at the next level.
  • Individuals may perform with only one act during any local Showdown.
  • A Bicoastal Media may, at its discretion, provide a backup band for acts requiring instrumental support or allow contestants' pre-recorded music. No live "backup band" vocals are allowed.
  • Neither the backup band nor any of its members is permitted to compete in the Showdown in which they are the backup band.
  • Each act must perform live, vocally and/or instrumentally. No special lighting, props or special effects may be used.
  • Any act with three or more individuals playing an instrument may not use the backup band or any part of the backup band, or prerecorded music.
  • The amount of performance time given to each local Showdown contestant will be determined by the Big Red 92.3 FM radio station.
  • All performances must be done in good taste: no music or lyrics that the radio station or SPI considers to be offensive may be performed.
  • Age restrictions will be at the discretion of the radio station and/or its venue.
  • Contestants may perform their own music and receive extra bonus points from the judge. Music eligible for bonus points will be defined as any piece of music written or co-written by the contestant (either individual or member of group). Any contestant (either individual or member of group) who claims to be using his own music may be disqualified at any level of the contest at the discretion of SPI, if a musical copyright for the music exists which does not name the contestant as author or co-author.
  • Acceptable documentation to prove ownership of your music shall include either a certificate of copyright, proof of song registration with BMI, ASCAP, etc., or a notarized copy of the application applying for the copyright with a signed statement by the contestant as to its status.
  • Performances will be awarded 0-10 points in each of the following categories: 1) Marketability in country music; 2) Vocal/instrumental ability; 3) Originality; 4) Stage presence/charisma: 5) Talent. An optional bonus of up to three points may be awarded for acts performing their own music.
  • In the event of a tie, the first tiebreaker shall be the highest number of points given in the Talent category. The second tiebreaker shall be the highest number of points awarded in the Stage Presence/Charisma category. The third tiebreaker shall be by a secret vote of the judges based on overall performance style and impact.

    5. Local Contest Prizes:
    The only official prize offered at the local Showdown level is the opportunity for the winner to advance to the state Showdown competition. Local Showdown contestants must pay their own expenses during the competition at the local, state and regional levels. In signing this Entry Form, the Showdown contestant acknowledges that SPI is not responsible for any prizes promised or offered at the local Showdown contest level (except for the local Showdown winner's chance to compete in the state Showdown competition).

    6. State, Regional and National Final:
  • The winner of the local Showdown is eligible to compete in the State Showdown. Contestants may enter as many local competitions as they wish until winning. Local winners may reenter the contest at the local level only after being eliminated at a State or Regional Final. They must complete a new entry form and pay the entry fee when entering at another station. Each contestant will have seven minutes to perform at the state Showdown. No prerecorded music is permitted at State, Regional or National Final. The winner of each state Showdown will receive $1,000 and the opportunity to compete at one of the five regional Showdowns. Prizes won by minors will be awarded to a parent or legal guardian, if requested.
  • There will be five regional Showdowns where State winners will compete for seven minutes to win an all expense paid trip to compete at the National Final. Contestants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must execute releases of liability and publicity. National Final expenses paid by SPI are listed below. All other expenses not specified shall be the responsibility of the contestants. 1. Hotel accommodations (double occupancy). 2. Round-trip coach airfare on the airline designated by SPI from a continental USA airport closest to contestant's home served by that airline. 3. Reasonable meal expenses.
  • The National Final will be held by January 31, 2014. The winner will receive $100,000. The winner, or winner's parent or legal guardian (if winner is a minor), must execute an affidavit of eligibility within 30 days of the National Final. Failure to comply may result in forfeiture of the prizes. Prizes are nontransferable. Winners shall be solely responsible for all taxes in connection with their prizes.

    7. Promotional Authorization:
    By submitting an Entry Form, the act (and each individual member thereof) grants to SPI and Texaco the right to utilize the act's (and each individual member's thereof) name, likeness, image, voice, appearance, and performance in perpetuity worldwide for advertising, trade or any other lawful promotional purposes whatsoever, in any and all media now known or thereafter developed, without compensation. I/we grant SPI the right to broadcast, market, sell and otherwise distribute my name, image, likeness, voice, appearance and performance, either in whole or in parts for commercial, non-commercial television, close-circuit exhibition, home video distribution, internet, or any other purpose SPI in their sole discretion may determine. I/we hereby give all clearance, copyright or otherwise, for the use of my name, likeness, image, voice, and appearance embodied in my/our performance/state presentation. If under 18 years of age, parent or guardian must sign the entry form.

    8. Assumption of Risk:
    By submitting this entry form, the act (and each individual member thereof) assumes all risks of property damage or bodily injury (including death) that might occur during the local, state, regional and national Showdown events. The act (and each individual member thereof) agrees not to bring against any national sponsor any claim for property damage or bodily injury (including death) that might occur during local, state, regional, or national Showdown events.

    9. Good Character:
    The act agrees that it may be disqualified immediately from any level of Showdown competition if the act (or any member thereof) commits any act or becomes involved in any situation that would adversely reflect on the Showdown or any party furnishing a prize, or tend to bring it into public disrepute.

    10. Eligibility:
    Submit any questions regarding eligibility to SPI.
  • I am/we are not an act with over seven individuals.
  • I/we have not performed on a record listed in Billboard, Radio and Records, or the Gavin Report within eighteen months preceding local competition.
  • I/we have (each) paid the $20.00 registration fee before performing live at the local Showdown.
  • I am/we are not part of the backup band nor am I/are we related to any member of the backup band by birth or marriage nor have I/we performed with the local backup band or any member of the local backup band for monetary compensation within the past year.
  • I am/we are not an owner, controlling stockholder or employee of and I am/we are not related by birth or marriage, nor do I/we live in the same household as the local Showdown judge, the radio station sponsoring the local Showdown contest, any national sponsor, SPI, or any employee, controlling stockholder, owner, officer or agent of any of the foregoing parties.
  • I/we have not already been declared a local winner of a 2013 Country Showdown and eligible for State competition.
  • I/we have never been a national winner, either as an individual or as part of a group of the 2010, 2011 or 2012 Country Showdown.

 CLICK HERE for an entry form 



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